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DevLog #10 - Product Backlog

Product backlog plays a main role in Agile practice that enables the clear representation about what should be developed to deliver value to the customer. Product backlog should be a dynamic entity that always open to updates and refinements with based on feedbacks of customers, changes in business requirements, new market trends and learnings through developments.

According to our project, we have been maintaining our backlog through out the project development period up to now as discussed above. Based on the actual customer requirements, we added new user stories into the backlog. From leaning through our developments, we removed some details showing stories since our current development has catered that feature already and we could deprioritised some user stories. Normally we expected to have login screen for the user in the first app opening and we changed it to have a login while applying for the shift based on new market trends.

As I explained above I think we can maintain product backlog though out the project adding, refining, removing and prioritising backlog items. It will help to deliver the best value to the customer end of the project.

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