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The latter is correct in American English, can't speak for British:

The new version is in production

"On production" would be used like this:

Poor Jimmy, he's on production support this weekend

"Production" speaks to a specific environment that is not local, development, or test. The term "in production" is meant to imply that the code is inside-of rather than ontop-of the production environment.


My doubt on here is that in production makes it seem like in the process of being produced. ;-)


Remember that "in production" is short for "in the production environment." It would make a bit more sense if it were "In the publically accessible environment," but someone decided at some point that "production" was better than "publically accessible." No idea who that someone was.


I'm not sure which is correct, but I would use and most often see "in production".

I might say "something is on the production server", but "something is in production".


I have the same non native speaker anxiety here hahahah, but I think both are correct in some sense. "On" is about location and "in" is about both location and time, so context matters. Here's a link on quora about this


I am not a native speaker either but my understanding is:

Some service is in production (mode/deployment).
Some service is on production server.


Won't in production make it seem like it's being produced?

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