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What Front-End framework should i migrate to in 2020?

Am trying to make up my mind with what front-end framework(s) to use for the next few years. I see many cool ones (BS, material etc...) but hard to make up our mind to decide on which path. We have been using our custom styling and JS components for many years. It’s time to get rid of that and move towards more responsiveness and modern design.

Two important things we want to achieve, modern design. Stable JS library and actively being developed and improved.

From your experience which framework would migrate to and why?


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Giorgos Kontopoulos πŸ‘€ • Edited

If you are after a quick prototype or if the client is not a well paid one you can probably choose a css framework to get a little bit of speed. For bespoke designs were the client is expecting something unique I would choose not to use ANY framework. Css grid and flexbox are very powerfull nowadays that you don't need them. Invest a little time in learning how to use CSS properly instead of investing in learning a framework. Also note that frameworks usually tend to be very heavy and can impact performance.

read more opinions on the subject here here here here and here

Depending on your company or team you can go for any of the big frameworks like

  • React (leader, lots of jobs, backed by Facebok)
  • Vue (lots of jobs, becoming a norm, no big company behind it)
  • Angular (lots of jobs but mostly towards enterprise apps, backed by Google) or a smaller ones such as Svelte, Preact etc but even with vanilla js development (with web components) which is gaining popularity and many people advocate that you might be better of.

I would say here the choice is not very clear so I would choose a framework that feels comfortable with the team and makes you and the team more productive considering of course all other pluses and minuses of the particular framework. There is plenty of articles in that compare many of these.

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Ameed Jamous

Great reply. Thank you for sharing!

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Anshul Negi

Bootstrap is one of the most widely used CSS framework.
I think one should start with it and once one get familiar with all its classes then one can opt other frameworks.

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John Peters

I'm a Typescript and Angular fan.