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Find Valid Phone Numbers, Anywhere!

This small react project uses TCXC API to get valid phone numbers anywhere in the world. Just pass any country prefix (CC+Area Code) and the API will give you a few random numbers. It'll give you more numbers each time to you click "Get More".


Install & Customize Locally


Local Setup

  • Clone the project
  • run command: yarn
  • run command: yarn start

Deploy to Heorku

  • git clone the repo
  • cd /react-apps-getnumbers
  • create app on heroku
  • heroku git:remote -a app-name (check this on heroku page)
  • git push heroku master
  • set config vars on heroku

In Terminal:
Command: heroku config:set TELE_USER_NAME={TelecomsXchange Username}
Command: heroku config:set TELE_USER_PASSWORD={TelecomsXChange API Key}

To make sure variables are correct set:

run command: heroku config


  1. create .env by copying .env.example
  2. Set the backend environment variable URl (For the backend)
  • run this command or put this in package.json

Deploy Front end to Netlify

  • cd to the project root
  • Update the .env URL variable to the public backend URL
  • run command: yarn
  • run command: yarn build
  • cd build
  • Deploy to Netlify


To rebrand this app using your logo and own favicon, follow below steps:

  • rename your company logo to logo.png
  • drag and drop it to the src folder
  • generate a favicon from your logo at
  • download favicon and rename it to favicon.ico
  • drag and drop favicon.ico in /public folder
  • run command: yarn build
  • deploy to Netlify

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Dirk ROmanio

Hope I will not being hacked by someone if I access this website? This still looks weird, so if I will have one of these number, people will be able to
find a location of my device ?

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