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Cloud BYOC

Hello Developers !

We’re kicking off the Cloud BYOC project, a community-inspired SaaS project for existing Twilio, Zoom Phone, and other cloud communications users, with the of use cloid Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) feature,you can use any of the available 300+ providers instantly or add your own carrier, unify control of routing and billing under on roof.

The goal for this project is to let you have just one BYOC profile and control routing policies to multiple carriers via #CloudBYOC portal without the need to create another BYOC profile per carrier. By default by using CloudBYOC you don’t have to be dependent on one carrier, there are hundreds of alternatives that you can switch to without creating yet another BYOC profile in your Twilio, Zoom Phone portal.

With CloudBYOC you don’t need an SBC or billing system to manage your costs across different providers. It providers you all that out of the box!

For this project, we welcome both #developers and telecom carriers to join and contribute to solving the cloud communication BYOC debate once and for all.

If your interested in trying this out when ready, you can register here:

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