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Discussion on: Suggest.rb - tells you which method does the thing you want to do

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Ariel Caplan

Looks like the only difference between our approaches is I do care about my team knows the language they use on daily basis and you do not.

This is pretty harsh. I'd suggest that we both care that the team knows the language, but we define "knowing the language" differently. I think you can write clean, idiomatic, optimized Ruby without knowing all the details by heart, and in fact I believe you're more likely to do it through automated tooling than through memorization. You seem to disagree with some or all elements of that hypothesis. I hope your approach works for you.

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Phil Nash Author

Good chat everyone, I think this came to a nice conclusion. I think I agree mostly with Ariel and that is one of the reasons I found this project interesting. Not having to keep a bunch of methods in your head is much more fun and productive than memorising standard libraries.

Also, the experimental nature of the library itself definitely means that it wouldn't be entering the production group of gems in any codebase I am working on. As a tool that you could include in your .irbrc or .pryrc and use when debugging/playing in the terminal, it could be useful.