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Getting input from the console using 'Dart'

What is Dart?

So, Dart is a General-Purpose Programming Language developed by Google

It is also an Object-Oriented Programming language mostly designed for client-side development.

And an important language for Flutter.

It is somewhat similar, to Java and python and it is open source too.

Importance and Uses of learning Dart

Firstly, Dart is pretty easy to learn if you know Java then it's a plus point. It can solve many problems, efficiently. Dart syntax is simple It is used in both mobile and web development one can create many apps and supports much of Google's revenue.

Future scope

Flutter is the most & will be a widespread and useful app development platform in upcoming years. So clearly, Dart is having a shining future!☀

How to take input from the user by using Dart language

The very first step is to import the library that is '' adding this import statement will extract the components and it is written at top of the code editor.

Every program resides in the main method to dart's main method or entry point is void main()

import 'dart:io'
void main(){  
 // Your program goes here
print('Enjoy the process');
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So far so good let's dive into some more concepts needed for getting input from the console.
If you know or are familiar with Java/ C++'s syntax then there is a concept of standard input (stdin), standard output (stdout)

Dart also has the same as it is somewhat similar to java.

stdin() - It takes text as input

stdin.readLineSync() - This method is to take standard input from the console using .readLineSync()

stdout() - It prints output

stdout.writeln()- Is used to display output to the console or we can simply use the print statement also.

Let's start taking String as the input from console ✌ -

import 'dart:io';  //importing library

void main() {   

  stdout.writeln('Enter your name: ');   //Asking the name as o/p
  String? name = stdin.readLineSync();  //Taking input from user
  print("Your name is $name");         //Printing name

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Pretty good!🌼

Now let's start taking Integer as the input from the console -

import 'dart:io';  // importing library

void main() {   
print("Enter your favourite number:");  
int? n = int.parse(stdin.readLineSync()!); 
print("Your favourite number is $n");    
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Note : Scanning number and Here '?' and ' ! ' are for null safety

Hope it was useful to you!
That’s all for this blog.

Feedback and comment are much appreciated ❤

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