Day 5 Learning Javascript

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Function, Function...what's your Function?

So I finally delved into functions, one of the core components of Javascript. I feel like I accomplished something, as I know how important functions are to using Javascript. And it feels great!

It's a little confusing a first, but after playing around with it more I had a better understanding, that functions are basically actions. And the () just "calls" the functions to actually execute. Pretty cool stuff. I can definitely see how useful all this will be once I get deeper into it.

But I can also see how easy it is to wreck your whole code by misplacing a semi-colon. Fun times with functions!

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i just start learning js 2 weeks ago
i read a lot, a lootttt of javascript documentation, tutorial, crash course on youtube

still super hard to grasp other people code


Yeah I'm really trying to be deliberate in my approach, and go through everything step by step if I can. It's not easy but will be worth it in the end. Keep it up, and good luck on your Javascript journey!

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