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How to resolve requireNativeComponent: "RNSScreenStackHeaderConfig" was not found in the UIManager in React Native

Here's a step-by-step guide on how I effectively tackled the requireNativeComponent: "RNSScreenStackHeaderConfig" was not found in the UIManager error that arose during an Android development project using React Native:

1. Identify the Error: Run ./gradlew build in the project's android directory. This command attempts to build the project and often unveils the root cause of the error, in this case, it was CXX1101] NDK at ~/Library/Android/sdk/ndk/25.1.8937393 did not have a file. Which meant that there was a missing file within the NDK.

2. Address the Missing File: Navigate to the NDK version folder using the path specified in the error message (e.g., ~/Library/Android/sdk/ndk/25.1.8937393). Since the file is likely corrupt or incompatible, delete this entire NDK version folder.

3. Clean and Rebuild: Return to the project's android directory and execute ./gradlew clean to remove any leftover build artifacts. Finally, run ./gradlew build again to initiate a fresh build process with the corrected NDK setup.

Additional Considerations:

  • If the issue persists after these steps, it might be necessary to reinstall or update the NDK using the Android SDK manager.
  • Double-check your React Native and NDK version compatibility to ensure they align with project requirements.

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