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Expand your Android app beyond the phone [Slides]

I had the opportunity to present a talk at Droidcon London 2022 with @giolaq on how to expand your Android app beyond the phone with the Amazon Appstore. I'm sharing the deck slides here for the community - please let me know if you have additional questions in the comments below.

Talk overview

We all know Android Apps are expanding beyond the phone screen, so join us to learn how Amazon Appstore is helping you bring your Android apps to a variety of form factors. We will explore the latest developer tools available to you, the different SDKs and services you can use to enhance your app, best practices to follow and testing services you can utilise to build an app that reaches millions of customers worldwide via our Fire Devices.
We will also look at how you can use Windows Subsystem for Android to bring your Android Apps to desktop using the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 devices.

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