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All SwiftUI Scene Types Noted

Discover the latest SwiftUI scenes to help you present windows within your apps.

SwiftUI scenes are the main building blocks to structure and easily build more kinds of apps for apple platforms.

While most developers build apps for iOS, knowing the different scene types helps you to easily build multiplatform apps and follow the apple human interface guidelines to better design and architect your ideas.

Below I share all the SwiftUI scene types available with a resume of these key points concepts and their use.

Sketch note All SwiftUI Scene Types Noted

Things to take in mind:

  1. WindowGroup: Provides a way to build data-driven applications across all of apple's platforms.

  2. DocumentGroup: Enables support for opening, creating, and saving documents.

  3. Settings: Presents an interface for viewing and modifying an app's settings. (macOS only)

  4. Window: Present its content in a single, unique window. (macOS - only.)

  5. MenuBarExtra: Create a utility app that only shows in the menu bar.

I hope this sketch note is helpful to you.

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  1. WWDC 2022:

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Sergey Leschev

I agree with that discovering the latest SwiftUI scenes can be very helpful in presenting windows within apps. SwiftUI provides a modern and efficient way of building user interfaces, making it easier to create and manage windows in an app.

Additionally, I would like to add that SwiftUI can be used for various tasks, such as creating dynamic layouts, handling user inputs, and implementing animations. With its intuitive syntax and built-in features, SwiftUI can streamline the app development process and improve the user experience. Overall, keeping up with the latest SwiftUI scenes is definitely worth it for any developer looking to enhance their app-building capabilities.