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31 Women in Tech Content Creators to Follow Now

I work as a developer advocate and as part of my job, I will often be asked by people in our marketing team...

"Hey, do you know any content creators with large followings for us to reach out to that are women? We are having trouble finding many."

And the sad truth is, there aren't as many. So, let's change that.

It's the first day of Womens History Month and here are 31 creators you can follow, support, and engage with across various categories. With this list you can check out a new creator every single day this month and find someone new to follow.

Did I miss your favorite creator? Leave a comment with their links.

I tried to group by general content category. If you see your name here and feel I've misrepresented your content, let me know so I can fix it.

Here goes.


  1. Bashbunni - Livestreaming Go! Neovim! Software Dev
  2. Ali - Livestreaming, Software Dev, Security. Anywhere you internet, Ali has content there.
  3. Salma - Software engineer, livestream coder and dev educator
  4. Esther - live coding and learning
  5. Leah - Coding, learning, gaming, and friendship

Tech Entertainment, Web Dev Tutorials, Tips

6. Kedasha Kerr - IG account full of coding tips and fun content from your favorite Github Dev Advocate
7. Bukola - Working in tech, living in NYC, sharing tips
8. Tru - Doing criminal things to UX with code for our entertainment.
9. Rita Codes Dev and gamer with some hot takes on the day to day struggles devs face
10. Tiff in Tech Model turned dev, Tiff has some tips to get ahead in your tech career
11. Ale Thomas Software dev keeping us laughing through the dev struggles
12. Naya - Dedicated to creating content as a resource to minority groups entering the tech world
13. NaniLemons - programmer humor, tech news, and general fun
14. Jess Chan-Practical tips for beginnner web devs
15. Ania Kubow - if it's a web dev topic, Ania probablly has a tutorial for that. Check it out.
16. Mal- sometimes building, sometimes entertaining, always a good time

Technical Writing

17. Christine Belzie - Words matter and Chrissy is here to help us all improve our technical writing skills.


18. Rizel Scarlett - Learn Web5 and Devrel from one of the best around!
19. Tessa Kriesel - Queen of Devrel Strategy
20. Hainmantika - Devrel and technical writing. Is it weird to put the dev advocate for hashnode on this site? Maybe.

Data Science

21. Sundas Khalid - tips on getting into the data science industry


22. Africa Kenyah - Accessibility engineer with a ton of knowledge

Design and Dev

23. Amy Dutton- Ready to level up your dev and design skills? Follow Amy!
24. Stephanie Stimac - Interested in design and dev? Stephanie even wrote a book on it.
25. Muhtanya art, design, and engineering

General Dev/Tech and Career

26. Cassidy Williams - Software dev, blog, a newsletter, and even a game called Jumblie that will drive you mad.
27. Shaundai Person - The new tiktok account for top tier speaker and dev
28. Gift Egwuenu - tech career and expat life

Open Source

29. Bekah- Bekah is everywhere and always dropping knowledge on how to be successful in tech and Open Source.


30. Myra - tech, lifestyle, and travel about Cloud and the Security space


31. Krista Byte Dedicated to the empowerment of women gamers everywhere

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some new content creators to love!

To keep up with me you can follow me here on Dev, connect with me on socials, and check out some of the work I do on the Wix for Developers YouTube.

Top comments (34)

cbid2 profile image
Christine Belzie

Thanks for sharing your list @amandamartindev! :) It’s an honor to among the list of women who create great content in tech. I definitely will check a lot of these ladies out.

uponthesky profile image

I love Tech with Lucy. Highly recommend for those who want to get into AWS or cloud technology in general!

amandamartindev profile image

Awesome! Thank you for the addition

jess profile image
Jess Lee
michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

This is such an awesome list of women tech creators! Good stuff, Amanda. 🙌

lizzzzz profile image
Liz Acosta

+1 to Rizel Scarlett and Tessa Kriesel. I would also add @jesstemporal to the list!

amandamartindev profile image

Oooo! Yes, great addition. Thank you

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕

Oh a superb list, thanks @amandamartindev ! 🙌

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

This is a great list. I'm happy to see it's not all Twitter links as well, and I'd never really considered Instagram as a dev-suitable place apart from that one person who used to make post-it notes back in the day :)

I'm thinking I might start watching some streamers in the background while I work - I've never really been interested in that sort of thing, but maybe I've just been needing the right kind of subjects.

amandamartindev profile image

Glad you noticed! I tried to find folks across different mediums because I think many creators have expanded outside the tech Twitter bubble.

And agreed on streaming. I'm kind of interested more now as a remote worker. Like occasional co-working.

luca1iu profile image
Luca Liu

I recommend myself in the field of Data Analysis / Python development😆.

amandamartindev profile image

Drop your links!!!

pavelee profile image
Paweł Ciosek

Great post! 👏

code42cate profile image
Jonas Scholz

@zevireinitz check it out, seems very relevant for 👀

muuviana profile image
Murilo Viana

Very awesome list, thank you. I would like to recommend three excellent Brazilian content creators:

amandamartindev profile image

Amazing! Thank you for the additions

bekahhw profile image

Thanks for adding me!

hmksdh3213 profile image
Ahamd hassan

Super list

lilxyzz profile image

Awesome list Amanda, thank you 🔥

amandamartindev profile image

Thanks for reading!

saint_vandora profile image

This is amazing @amandamartindev

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