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Top 5 posts on Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing aka NLP is one of the most sought after technology in present day. AI assitants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google assistant all work on NLP. We are able to talk to machines only due to NLP. NLP has other uses such as Language Translation, Summarising data, and Sentiment analysis.

Here is a list of 5 best posts on NLP present on DEV which will give you a glimpse of the versatility and importance of this field.

A fullstack Fake News Classifier

In this post @iammowgoud has given a complete guide to implement a news classification model and deploy it using Flask. It is a very detailed explanation of how to build a model and making a web app using Flask and React.

A guide to tech behind Voice Assistants

In this post, @sandeshsuvarna has explained in a very intriguing manner about the technology behind voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc.

Introductory Guide to NLP

In this blog, @jaydeepborkar has explained various concepts related to NLP like Coreference Resolution, Named Entity Recognition, Dependency Parsing, Lemmatization, etc.

Markov Chains, Game of Thrones and NLP

In this blog, @strikingloo has explained very nicely that how Markov Chain models can be used to generate text based on the Game of Thrones training corpus. The text or sentences generated using Markov Chain give quite promising results.

Getting started with NLP

In this post, @nicfoxds has explained newbies about how to start with the vast field of NLP. The author of the post has given a glimpse of the world of NLP.

I hope you all liked this collection. I would request the #DEVCommunity members to contribute more to the field of #NLP.

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