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NLTK modules overview

amananandrai profile image amananandrai ・1 min read

NLTK stands for Natural Language Toolkit and it is suite of libraries and programs in Python for Natural Language Processing Tasks. It is one of the most widely used NLP Python libraries.

It can perform various NLP tasks like tokenization, stemming, POS tagging, lemmatization and classification to name a few.

A summary of popular modules of NLTK is given in the table below.

S.No Language Processing Task NLTK module
1 Accessing Corpora nltk.corpus
2 String Processing nltk.tokenize, nltk.stem
3 Collocation discovery nltk.collocations
4 Part-of-speech tagging nltk.tag
5 Classification nltk.classify, nltk.cluster
6 Chunking nltk.chunk
7 Parsing nltk.parse
8 Semantic interpretation nltk.sem, nltk.inference
9 Evaluation metrics nltk.metrics
10 Probability and Estimation nltk.probability
11 Applications,
12 Linguistic fieldwork nltk.toolbox


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