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Mohamed Amal A
Mohamed Amal A

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Starting My Full Stack Web Developer Journey

Hi Dev community!

Excited to share that I plan to start my full stack web development journey!

I have thought of to start at front end then focus on back end , as well as create some projects during the journey

So here is my planning


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. ReactJs


  1. Node
  2. mongodb

These are my plans and I am a newbie in web development so seeking help and if I have to add any tech stack in front or back end please comment and help me out.

Thankyou for your support dev's!

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Joe Mainwaring • Edited

Hello Mohamed! I'm glad to hear that you're interested in building a skill in full stack web development!

Software Development is a lot like being a Medical professional, there's an incredible amount of different specialties to choose from, which would dictate which skills you'd want to learn.

Deciding to start with a full-stack JavaScript route is solid strategy to pursue, as it will reduce the mental gymnastics (you can learn SQL/Ruby/Go/etc later!) while giving you a chance to build up conceptual knowledge that transcends specific choices in a tech stack.

I've taught bootcamp programs before, if I were to design a full-stack JS course today, this would be my curriculum:

  1. Git & Github basics
  2. JavaScript basics
  3. node.js & mongodb => build a basic backend
  4. html, css, and browser-based JS
  5. ReactJS => build a basic frontend
  6. Project tooling (examples: webpack, grunt.js. rollup, etc)
  7. CI/CD Tooling with Github Actions => We would automate the build step from the prior lesson
  8. Environment Variables & Secrets
  9. Deploying your code
  10. Maintaining your project (see my post How I maintain Open Source Projects for some context)
  11. Advanced Concepts: DRY, Low-Code, and outsourcing features
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Mohamed Amal A

Thankyou For your suggestion and the time for the reply!
Sure I will try to follow on this path
Thankyou once again!

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Vishwas Tyagi

Congratulations on starting your full-stack web development journey. I suggest you to try out

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Mohamed Amal A

Thankyou!! will check it out

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Daniel Nogueira

I'm on this path too!