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Top Node.js Github repositories (no frameworks)

Adrian Matei
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Node is at the moment my favourite platform to write backends, especially APIs. Node.js enjoys such a massive popularity not only because of its performance and JavaScript popularity, but also due to its huge ecosystem and community. It's very easy to get lost. In this blog post I have put a list of my favourite Node.js Github repositories, but without any frameworks or modules repositories (as there are gazillions) you might not be aware of and help you get started with Node.js.


The source code for Node.js itself. Very useful here is the CHANGELOG

GitHub logo nodejs / node

Node.js JavaScript runtime ✨🐢🚀✨


Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment. It executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. For more information on using Node.js, see the Node.js Website.

The Node.js project uses an open governance model. The OpenJS Foundation provides support for the project.

This project is bound by a Code of Conduct.

Table of contents


Looking for help? Check out the instructions for getting support.

Release types

  • Current: Under active development. Code for the Current release is in the branch for its major version number (for example v15.x). Node.js releases a new major version every 6 months, allowing for breaking changes. This happens in April and October every year. Releases appearing each…

 Node Version Manager

nvm is a version manager for node.js, designed to be installed per-user, and invoked per-shell. nvm works on any POSIX-compliant shell (sh, dash, ksh, zsh, bash), in particular on these platforms: unix, macOS, and windows WSL

 Node Version Manager for Windows

Manage multiple installations of node.js on a Windows computer.

tl;dr nvm, but for Windows, with an installer.

GitHub logo coreybutler / nvm-windows

A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.

The npm/Microsoft/Google recommended Node.js version manager for Windows.

This is not the same thing as nvm.

The original nvm is a completely separate project for Mac/Linux only. This project uses an entirely different philosophy and is not just a clone of nvm. Details are listed in the Why another version manager? and what's the big difference? sections.

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Common Issues & Resolutions

Please see the Common Issues page before posting an issue.

Node Version Manager (nvm) for Windows

Open Source Helpers

Manage multiple installations of node.js on a Windows computer.


The art of Node

Ok, so to get your hands (no)derty can start with this repo, which is a short introduction to Node.js

GitHub logo maxogden / art-of-node

❄️ a short introduction to node.js

The Art of Node

An introduction to Node.js

This document is intended for readers who know at least a little bit of a couple of things:

  • a scripting language like JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. If you aren't a programmer yet then it is probably easier to start by reading JavaScript for Cats. 🐈
  • git and github. These are the open source collaboration tools that people in the node community use to share modules. You just need to know the basics. Here are three great intro tutorials: 1, 2, 3

Table of contents

Learn node interactively

In addition to reading this guide it's super important to also bust out your favorite text editor and actually write some node code. I always find that when I…


When it comes to development nodemon is a must have. It is a tool that helps you develop node.js based applications by automatically restarting the node application when file changes in the directory are detected.

GitHub logo remy / nodemon

Monitor for any changes in your node.js application and automatically restart the server - perfect for development

Nodemon Logo


nodemon is a tool that helps develop node.js based applications by automatically restarting the node application when file changes in the directory are detected.

nodemon does not require any additional changes to your code or method of development. nodemon is a replacement wrapper for node. To use nodemon, replace the word node on the command line when executing your script.

NPM version Travis Status Backers on Open Collective Sponsors on Open Collective


Either through cloning with git or by using npm (the recommended way):

npm install -g nodemon # or using yarn: yarn global add nodemon
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And nodemon will be installed globally to your system path.

You can also install nodemon as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev nodemon # or using yarn: yarn add nodemon -D
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With a local installation, nodemon will not be available in your system path or you can't use it directly from the command line. Instead, the local installation of nodemon can be…

Awesome Node.js

I love the awesome lists. So much that I have bookmarked most of them and made them searchable on
Here is the one for Node.js:

Awesome NPM

From the same author but for npm

GitHub logo sindresorhus / awesome-npm

Awesome npm resources and tips

Awesome npm Awesome npm

Awesome npm resources and tips

npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language and comes bundled in the Node.js runtime.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.





  • npms - Superb package search with…

Awesome Node Security

Another Node.js related awesome list is

GitHub logo lirantal / awesome-nodejs-security

Awesome Node.js Security resources

A curated list of awesome Node.js Security resources.

# # #


List inspired by the awesome list thing.



Web Framework Hardening

  • Helmet - Helmet helps you secure your Express apps by setting various HTTP headers.
  • koa-helmet - koa-helmet helps you secure your Koa apps by setting various HTTP headers.
  • blankie - CSP plugin for hapi.
  • fastify-helmet - fastify-helmet helps you secure your fastify apps by setting important secutiry headers.

Static Code Analysis

  • eslint-plugin-security - ESLint rules for Node Security. This project will help identify potential security hotspots, but finds a lot of false positives which need triage by a human.
  • tslint-plugin-security - TSLint rules for Node Security. This project will help identify potential security hotspots, but finds a…

Docker node official image

The official Docker Node image with best practices

GitHub logo nodejs / docker-node

Official Docker Image for Node.js 🐳 🐢 🚀


GitHub issues GitHub stars

The official Node.js docker image, made with love by the node community.

Table of Contents

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.


How to use this image

Create a Dockerfile in your Node.js app project

# specify the node base image with your desired version node:<version>
FROM node:10
# replace this with
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Microsoft + Node.js Guidelines

GitHub logo microsoft / nodejs-guidelines

Tips, tricks, and resources for working with Node.js, and the start of an ongoing conversation on how we can improve the Node.js experience on Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft + Node.js Guidelines

Microsoft ❤️ Node.js!

We work hard to contribute to the Node.js community and we want to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. In particular, our goals here are to:

  • make it easier for people using Microsoft services and technologies to get started on the right foot with Node.js
  • consolidate Microsoft's Node.js offerings in a centralized place to make it easier for you to find information
  • communicate status on key issues we're addressing and collect feedback from the Node.js community on how we can do better.
  • provide a forum to connect with various teams at Microsoft working on improving the Node.js experience.

Note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive set of recommendations. Rather it's meant to be a helpful set of content that makes it easier to avoid any potential gotchas, and the beginning of what we expect to be an…

How I write backends

GitHub logo fpereiro / backendlore

How I write backends

How I write backends

From late 2012 to the present I have been writing backends (server-side code) for web applications. This document summarizes many aspects of how I write these pieces of code.

I'm writing this lore down for three purposes:

  1. Share it with you.
  2. Systematize it for future reference and improvement.
  3. Learn from your feedback.

Your questions and observations are very welcome!

If you must sting, please also be nice. But above all, please be accurate.

I'd like to thank everyone who joined in the HN discussion of this document and pointed out or stimulated many interesting points that I had missed. I'm humbled and grateful for the tremendously positive and constructive feedback I received. Y'all rock.

This is all public domain; take whatever you find useful.

The approach

My approach to backends (as with code in general) is to iteratively strive for simplicity. This approach - and…

Node.js Best Practices

You are, in fact, reading dozens of the best Node.js articles - this repository is a summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices, as well as content written here by collaborators

GitHub logo goldbergyoni / nodebestpractices

✅ The Node.js best practices list (August 2021)

Node.js Best Practices

Node.js Best Practices

102 items Last update: August 15, 2021 Updated for Node 14.0.0

nodepractices Follow us on Twitter! @nodepractices

Read in a different language: CNCN, FRFR, BRBR, RURU, PLPL, JAJA, EUEU (ESES, HEHE, KRKR and TRTR in progress! )

Built and maintained by our Steering Committee and Collaborators

Latest Best Practices and News

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 New family member!: A new repository joins our family - Node.js Integration Tests Best Practices . It includes 40+ best practices for writing awesome and performant Node.js component tests

  • FR French translation!1! : The latest translation that joins our international guide is French. Bienvenue

  • 🇯🇵 Japanese translation: Our guide is now also translated to Japanese! Courtesy of the amazing YukiOta and Yuta Azumi

Welcome! 3 Things You Ought To Know First

1. You are reading dozens of the best Node.js articles - this repository is a summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices…

Dev Bookmarks tagged - [node.js]

Node.js is one of the most tagged languages on The public bookmarks are shared into this Github repository and most likely all the above listed are referenced from this git repo.

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Bookmark and search Node.js resources

These and many more useful Node.js Github resources are easily searchable and bookmarkable on - [node.js]

Did I miss an important one? Which one is your favourite?

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