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How happy are we as software developers?

Adrian Matei
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I have been working in the IT industry for 13 years now. I started as junior developer and after that I pursued different paths for several years from consultant, researcher, presales engineer, team leader to scrum master - the whole list on Linkedin. Then I've come back to software development for the past 8 years and I haven't look back. Why? See in my comment.

Have you been also tried other paths within the IT industry besides development or do you come to software development from a completely different industry? How do you feel as software developer? Looking forward to your comments below.

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Adrian Matei Author • Edited

Why do I feel most fulfilled as developer? Here a couple of reasons:

  • I get to create things
  • I get rapid and unbiased feedback on my work - well, most of the time :D
  • I get to work from home

What are yours?