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re: Junior devs frustrate me when they: 1: Refer to their lack of knowledge constantly ("I'm just a junior") - don't do this! Lack of experience doesn...

Thank you for this! It affirms my approach with my senior devs! (And I help teach newbies too so this is great advice for everyone!).

When I was in a totally different field I used to tell everyone never to use the 'I'm just a...' excuse ever! (Ok well not to beat it into the ground anyway! I find lots of people use it as an apology because they're worried about annoying their mentors. Sadly not every industry is as open to teaching grasshoppers as tech seems to be!).


It's a funny balance isn't it. I encourage absolute honesty about your own level of knowledge, in the sense that I 100% believe that it's totally fine to say "you know what, I have no idea", about anything, because everyone has gaps in their knowledge.

But the reason I discourage people from constantly reminding others that they're "new" or "junior" etc. is that when people do that, other people have less faith in them; often team leaders / project managers / whatever will end up avoiding giving people "tricky" bits of work if those people are actively suggesting to people that they're less capable, and that really just perpetuates the problem!

So yeah, I guess what I'm saying on that one is just be open, but not apologetic, about what you do and don't know. And that's advice for everyone, not just junior software engineers. :-)

Awesome that you tell people the same thing; genuinely pleased to hear that sort of message coming from other places too!


This is awesome. The "I'm just a..." and "I'm just not a..." excuses annoy me too (most of all when I catch myself doing it!) because it really is selling yourself short.

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