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re: I made this one harder than it had to be at first :) I was trying to solve the math problem, but when I switched to just using a loop, it went sup...

Nice solution, and nice video explaining it. May I ask, how did you record it?



I have a mac and use screenflow for recording:

If you use Windows, then camtasia is very similar:

I believe QuickTime is a free option for screen recording, but then you still need to do editing somehow.

I make a lot of screencasts, so my mic setup is pretty good (read: expensive :) ) - but you don't need a fancy mic to get started! A lot of headphones (like the base Apple headphones) have pretty good mics in them actually, and then, you can use the audio tools in screenflow to clean it up, or use a service like to get some really high quality sound.

Hope that helps!

(I should probably write that up into a blog post so I can just point people to it 😀)

Thanks for the answer. I will give screenflow a try, and maybe get a new headset with microphone.

Btw, that's a blog post I would definitely read/watch. Let me know if you end up posting it.

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