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Alvaro Eduardo Falcón Morales
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My Github Android Template

Starting a new project is always exhausting as you have always to create a lot of boilerplate code, check all the dependencies, etc... It takes time that can be reduced using a github template.

The idea

This happened to me all the time when I wanted to create a new project on my own and it's something that should have a solution to improve the development speed. That's why I researched on the internet and found some examples about it like this. There were plenty of it but no one fit for me since most of them were oriented to use MVP and I'm more into MVVM. That's why I decided to create my own template on github

The template

I needed something that would cover all my needs with the latests technologies that I've been using, that's why this starting project is implementing these dependencies:

  • Retrofit
  • Dagger2/Hilt
  • Timber
  • Picasso
  • Mockito
  • JUnit

The TODO's

Of course this is not complete, it's just a start point where I'd like to expand and mantan, also keeping dependencies up to date. Some of the next points I've planned to address are:

The conclusion

I am happy with the results, now I can easily start new projects with my crazy ideas whenever I want in a easy way. There is still a long way to make this template perfect covering all the needs, you're welcome to contribute if you feel something is missing or could be improved!

Hopefully this template will be able to help someone or make it's life easier :)

Also is good to mention that this is my first post and kind of new to blogging so I'd appreciate some feedback.

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