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Discussion on: Don't Write Utils: how to become an amazing programmer by naming carefully

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Alvarez García

Good luck with that if you have a family.
Be real, sometimes you will have time and sometimes no.
Part of the seniority is based on social skills that will convince management.

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That is our duty as professionals. The best programmer I've ever worked with once told me every time product/management/client is taking the wrong decision and you let that happen, you are failing as a professional programmer.

Many colleagues do not think in this way but we should start to see this like a patient saying to the doctor they do not want this or that treatment because they do not like it. It is our responsibility to inform the people that pay our checks that they are going against their self-interests.

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Douglas Parsons Author

I think it's a nice ideal.

In practice, though, sometimes it takes too much time to achieve this.
Sometimes it's a battle that can't be won.
Sometimes you need the job more than you need to fight this fight.

And also, some people don't like having these kinds of conversations too, and that's fine.