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[A Year In Review] The Great Escape of 2022

Salam and hello everyone!

Whew! What a year in 2022, I believe there are tons of things I learned, my motivation has from haywire to barely manageable, and new challenges arise. The first time I jump despite the stability I can have something greater, and full of the unexpected.

Career Jumps

Well, prior to 2022, I had to keep changing my job because of a lot of things - company closure before the lockdown, a company with the financial crisis, and some of the part times. And since August 2021, I moved to my local payment gateway company as an "Application Developer" through connections. There, I was initially responsible for spearheading the development of the new payment solution engine, but somehow, along the way, I believe the company got distracted and focused on a different project. Well, that is just a normal thing that happens in a company, except the deadline is extremely close upon knowing that we had to do that.

I would say, there are some red flags, and it doesn't have a good environment to nurture my curiosity - to learn something new. Though it is a dream that, a company adopts remote working, the new approach management introduces to us is "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone", where one can work anywhere one wants, anytime, and it doesn't matter who you are. This sounds good until they become too literal with that statement. Funny, my colleague said that they actually mean "Every time, Everywhere, Everyone", including weekends.

That exhausted me to a time when I decided that I had to resign as soon as I can, because of the mental exhaustion I get non-stop from previous years, even without any backup plan. So, early this year, I took a great risk to tender my resignation without any remorse.

A Great Jump

From a great risk, I, as anyone does, search for a new job, hoping that I can secure one good job. Scouring my LinkedIn, and some job portals, I manage to get 3 interviews. My memory is still fresh, around mid-March, I saw a lot of job postings coming from Xsolla. At that time, I know too little of Xsolla, assuming that it might be another startup company. After some study, I am quite surprised that it is an international company, in game commerce! After a week of applying, I landed an interview with Xsolla. Well, the process is very quick! I got the result a week after I got interviewed, and I am hired! I am extremely glad that I manage to secure a job after taking the risk, especially post-COVID. And, in early May, I joined Xsolla!

Since this is my first MNC (multi-national company), I didn't have any expectations yet, except that it has a good environment for me. Well, I am not disappointed! With a pantry full of food, full of pleasant coworkers, and a happening team! Well, what's in for me?

A proper chance for me to explore things. From Javascript things to Module Federation, to Web3 and NFT, to Scrum methodology, to more understanding of Typescript with utility types, concurrency, Golang and Rust. I mean, a lot! Xsolla give you 4 hours every week for your education, so you can pick up new things for yourself, and indirectly benefit the company. I am also exposed to a proper developer culture, which is code reviews, understanding developers' coding behaviour, becoming a bar raiser and reading lots and lots of articles, the developer matrix, and so on. Not to forget, a lot of challenges as well with integration points, and unclear objectives, but well we strive despite the challenges.

I haven't felt this for a long time since my first company. An experience where you have autonomy, but at the same time you need to also contribute to the company. The funny thing is, my current team lead was also my colleague from my previous company. What a small world! Other than that, I got a chance to know everyone through events such as our town halls, Xsolla events, and the event that I organised every week - badminton 🏸!

Other Things To Be Thanked For

There are other good things I managed to acquire as well, thanks to Him. Though I lost my car last year, I managed to get full insurance reimbursement for me to purchase another car - which is now a one-year celebration! I managed to resolve my financial issue, get the proper gear for work-from-home, get in touch with my friends, acquire new friends, meet someone great that I longed for 2 years, attend my friends' marriage, experience Airbus flight simulators, and learning the Russian language in addition to my language belt.

Airbus Flight Simulator Experience

And along the way, I had my own downs as well. 2 times COVID, which brings me to 3 times overall COVID experience (including last year), fail for my PSD exam.

But overall, I feel grateful to Him and my friends who help me along the way. Without them, I might still be wandering in the dark, with spikes. I never believe in accidental events, for I know He has the best thing He plans for me.

Into the future

Well, as you learn more things, you will realise that you still have a lot to learn, as if you know nothing yet. That is the same reason I feel thrilled so that I have a lot to explore. From learning about development, management, the consultation. And start taking care of close friends, and families. And of course, myself, despite my anxiety and lack of self-esteem.


I don't have any proper closing, only gratefulness. Might as well feast your eyes, since you guys read till the end.

Creme Caramel Creme caramel, made by hand.

Just lamp decoration Just a lamp decoration.

My clingy cat My clingy cat.

Fried Rice with Sardine and Sunny side egg My own fried rice with sardine and sunny side egg 🍳

...and as usual, may you guys have a blast year ahead, and peace be upon ya!


This is done by ChatGPT, me asking to improve this article. And this is the outcome.


Salam and hello!

It's been quite a year in 2022, with many challenges and new experiences. One of the biggest changes for me was making a career jump. Before this year, I had to keep changing jobs due to a variety of reasons, such as company closures and financial crises. In August 2022, I was able to secure a position as an "Application Developer" at a local payment gateway company through connections. Initially, I was responsible for leading the development of a new payment solution engine, but unfortunately, the company ended up focusing on a different project. While it's normal for companies to pivot, the tight deadline made it a stressful experience.

Additionally, the company culture wasn't particularly nurturing for my curiosity or growth. Despite the convenience of remote work, the management introduced an "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone" policy that turned out to be more like "Every time, Everywhere, Everyone," including weekends. This was too much for me to handle, and I eventually decided to resign without any backup plan.

Taking this risk paid off, as I was able to secure a new job at Xsolla, an international company in the gaming commerce industry. It's my first time working at a multinational corporation, and so far, I've been pleasantly surprised by the great work environment, kind coworkers, and fully stocked pantry. Xsolla also gives its employees 4 hours per week for education and personal growth, which has allowed me to learn about a variety of topics such as Javascript, Module Federation, Web3 and NFT, Scrum methodology, and more.

In addition to my job, I've also been fortunate enough to acquire other good things this year. Despite losing my car last year, I was able to buy a new one and also started a small business on the side. I've also been able to spend more quality time with my family and participate in community events.

All in all, while 2022 has had its ups and downs, I'm grateful for the opportunities and experiences it has brought me.


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