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Discussion on: Brutalist Web Design. A Breath of Fresh Air in the Modern Web

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Alper Cugun-Gscheidel

I did a coding challenge for an app where they also wanted a 'design'. I reckoned that I'm not a designer nor am I applying for a design position so I might as well go hard brutalist.

Of course the team evaluating it docked me points for it not being a 'professional' looking design.

They also critiqued my architecture with references to webpages which on closer reading said that my approach is perfectly fine until you're faced with larger scale issues. (I was doing the challenge in a language I'm hot fluent in and told them that I would be proficient in a couple of weeks.)


  • Thanks the team for sharing all their feedback with me. Rarely has it been clearer at such an early stage that I wouldn't want to work at a company.
  • Don't have your coding challenges be reviewed by a committee of anal programmers. Mark to a set of objective criteria.
  • Don't do coding challenges if you're a developer with > 5 years experience and have representative projects on your GitHub.