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What You Should Learn in PHP Fundamentals

PHP is one of the most used languages on the web. The vast majority of websites you visit are built with PHP on the back-end, and learning PHP is a requirement for writing plugins or themes for a CMS like WordPress.

PHP is fast, but even better, it's easy to learn and easy to use for writing web applications.

Get started with the world's most widely-used server-side programming language, PHP

Let's See, what you should learn in PHP Fundamentals:

• Understand the syntax and structural elements of PHP.

• Know how to correctly apply the various control-flow structures.

• Understand PHP data types, type-juggling, and operator precedence.

• Organize code into reusable functions.
• Accomplish tasks using PHP's built-in file system and array functions.

• Understand essential elements of HTTP such as cookies and sessions.

• Understand the basics of validating input and escaping output.

• Build forms to collect information from a user.

• Interact with a database using PHP's MySQL functions.

• Utilize new PHP 7 concepts and language constructs.
• Create database-driven web applications similar to the course applications.

• Leverage object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques in your applications.

• Use built-in objects to interface a database.
• Analyze input data and learn to filter and validate it, and why.

• Request a web service and process the return data.

• Learn how to better recognize inefficient coding practices, and improve them.

• Learn best practices.

• Learn a few concepts called software design patterns.

• How to throw and handle exception objects.

• Design PHP applications using best practices.

• Use Docker in development and production.

• Design and create APIs using PHP.

• Setup continuous delivery and continuous integration systems.

• Write PHP scripts that can be run from the command line and from Cron.

That's All For Today!

Happy Coding. #Happy Learning

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