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Are you familiar with

Maybe you're thinking of improving your Front-End skill by practicing with some real projects, right? Then, this post is obviously for you!

A few days ago (maybe before the last week) I was randomly browsing YouTube and somehow I got introduced with, where I found some cool front-end development-related challenges. For those, I'd been looking for months!

But I was a little bit confused about what to do, how to take the challenges, how to make them accomplished, how to submit my challenges...these kinda stupid questions were spinning in my head.

I asked some of my Facebook Friends to arrange a BootCamp and work together completing the challenges from with them. They agreed, and we built a good team. (Still, now we're working very well on completing the challenges!)

Then, I dared to take a very basic challenge and I accomplished the challenge within 24 hours!

After getting the result/report, I was so relaxed, and then suddenly someone commented on my submitted challenge.

When I checked the comment, I saw that someone appreciated my effort!
His comment motivated me to take another challenge and I did it.

Still, now I'm working on my intermediate challenge from

The funniest thing is that Today I've found myself in the 2nd position of "Wall of Fame" in!!!

That was my first ever experience with

Let me know about your progress in :)

Happy Coding!

[This is definitely not a promotional/paid post or anything else from . I just shared my experience with you]


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