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Unleashing the Power of Nearshoring: Two Recent Case Studies of Client Success

Nearshoring at Its Best

Imagine that you are a software development company, faced with the challenge of staying current with emerging technologies to meet client demands. We have brought you two of our recent case studies which showcase our successful utilization of Azure and the MS Teams API.

In the first case study, we developed a B2B platform that required the creation of Power BI reports to provide top-level management with key performance indicators. We opted to embed the reports using Power BI Embedded, allowing flexible access rights and future scalability. By implementing row-level security and embedded tokens, we achieved targeted access control and automated role definition.

In the second case study, we integrated the MS Teams API to address limitations of Zoom. We used Teams invitation links to conduct conversations, providing an alternative solution for B2B users. Leveraging our expertise in MS Graph API and app registration, we programmatically managed meetings and addressed challenges related to recording and phone access.

These case studies highlight the advantages of nearshoring and seeking external expertise. By collaborating with experienced teams, companies can overcome technological complexities and meet strict deadlines. Nearshoring not only ensures successful project delivery but also fosters knowledge transfer and adaptability to new technologies.

In conclusion, nearshoring offers significant benefits in software development, as demonstrated by our successful integration of Azure and the MS Teams API. By leveraging external expertise, companies can navigate complex technologies and achieve project goals efficiently.

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