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Discussion on: 5 Interviews, 7 hours: Lessons From Not Getting A Big Tech Job Offer

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Simon Barker Author

I appreciate the comment but disagree with:

I would think an interview should be considered a week worth of work

Companies have gotten so wound up in the hire slow, fire fast culture that was spouted years ago that they are wasting peoples time and missing out on good candidates because companies with quicker hiring processes are getting in first.

This isn't a case of "one bad experience". I have believed for years that more than three interactions is a waste of time, even back when I hired people running a company.

I totally get that it's a different set of skills, I just don't feel that trade off in time and effort is worth it when you can be de-railed by poor performance when so many other companies will get you an offer in 2 or 3 rounds 😀

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Lars Ejaas

Cool, if you can apply for jobs and get hired in 2 rounds go for it! But here in Denmark the interviews I have been going to have all been 3 or 4 rounds. This is certainly not the norm outside of the it field, so can only agree that it's aggressive. But this is how things are around here...