Nuxt.js - Dynamic layouts by current route.

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Given Nuxt documentation it seems like that it is not so easy for us to have different layouts by dynamic routes.

So I surfed the web and I've found a similar issue and, by the end of the day, this is my solution.

This is my structure:


The solution, already mentioned in the issue, is to create a middleware under middleware folder like this one:

// myMiddleware.js
 * @see https://glitch.com/edit/#!/nuxt-dynamic-layouts?path=middleware/mobile.js:5:1
export default context => {
  const { route: { params } } = context

  switch (params.page) {
    case 'tmp1':
    case 'tmp2':
        context.dynamicLayout = 'tmpLayout'

        context.dynamicLayout = 'default'

And inside _page.vue simply use this line:

  layout: ({ dynamicLayout }) => dynamicLayout,

So whenever you navigate through mysite.com/tmp1 or mysite.com/tmp2 our tmpLayout will always used.

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