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Rails 7.1 is coming out soon. Infield will upgrade your app with minimal back and forth.

Infield keeps open source dependencies up to date with a combination of software and human experts. We take on the responsibility of getting you onto the latest versions of your dependencies, safely, even when there are breaking changes. Once you're up to date we'll keep you there as new versions are released. If you've ever considered outsourcing dependency upgrades to a consultant we offer a similar white glove service but with software that makes the process safer and more reliable. Right now we support Ruby and Javascript (with Python and Java coming soon).

Here's how the process works:

  1. You grant access to your github or gitlab repo and let us know your priorities (e.g., large framework upgrade; no high+ CVEs)
  2. Our software calculates an upgrade plan and estimates the complexity.
  3. You get an ongoing series of small, incremental PRs

A little about us - we've been using Rails professionally since 2011 and React since the beta. We've seen all sorts of complicated tech debt and abandoned dependencies, upgraded apps as large as ~500K LOC, and can likely do this faster and more safely than your team.

Send a note to if you're interested!

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