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Discussion on: Practical data fetching with React Suspense that you can use today

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Out of interest do you still use redux observable and do you foresee use cases for it alongside suspense? I.e. for a new project do you think you'd end up bringing redux observable into the mix? Thanks for the article!

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Andrei Author

In theory, you could hook up your redux (and redux observables) setup with Suspense. In practice, however, I think Suspense lets you move away from that.

Redux (and especially redux observables) requires a lot of under-the-hood boilerplate, and all data flows are created outside your JSX. With Suspense, you can control the flow of data directly from JSX, and handling loading and error states becomes so much simpler. And if you need to use and manage pieces of data in multiple places, a simple context provider can do the job.