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Azure Storage – The Unsung Hero

πŸ“Ί 038 - Shannon Kuehn πŸŽ™οΈ Frank Boucher

Storage is the foundation of so many services. In this episode, Shannon will present a lot of them. To make it easier to get on board she will start by exploring the services by Azure types: (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). When we work in the cloud one of the challenges is to decide where to save our data. Wich service is the best for our situation and application? During her tour, Shannon will provide examples to help us answer those questions.

In the second part of the stream, Shannon will jump into the Azure portal and create an Azure Storage account show where to find information, provide tips, introduce great tools, and answer question of the viewers.

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Useful Links

Azure Storage Migration:

πŸ”— Get started with AzCopy

πŸ”— Get started with Storage Explorer

πŸ”— Azure Data Box: https

πŸ”— Offline media import for Azure

Azure Storage Security:

πŸ”— Security recommendations for Blob storage

Azure Disks:

πŸ”— Introduction to Azure managed disks

Azure Files:

πŸ”— What is Azure Files?


πŸ”— SOSP Paper - Windows Azure Storage

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