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Discussion on: Is Serverless really as cheap as everyone claims?

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Allan N Jeremy • Edited on

The personality that went into this!! Couldn't stop reading

You turn it on when you need it and off when you don't. Unless you're my kids.

πŸ˜‚ this cracked me up

Loved it!
Quick question, from a learning curve standpoint, how do you think it would be like migrating from GCP? Also, from a totally naΓ―ve point of view, what would be the best azure learning resources in your opinion

PS. You should definitely make videos on these

If you've got a channel by all means shoot. You've got a new sub

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Burke Holland Author • Edited on

Hey! This is great feedback!

My colleague @jeremy Likness did some videos on coming from AWS. Could you take a look and let us know if this pattern/format would be good for GCP? I think we can make that happen.

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Allan N Jeremy

Hey Burke!

I have checked it out and it definitely is a format that would do.

Even better would be the same format with direct or close to direct translations of "this is how you do it in gcp" vis a vis "this is how it works in azure)

Similarly to how @jeremy did it, having multiple sections on the various technologies would be great. For example "cloud functions" to "azure equivalent", "app engine" to "azure equivalent"

In that sense, that approach is perfect for people looking to migrate

I just joined a company planning on using azure and would definitely appreciate such a resource