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Discussion on: Demystifying programming

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Allan N Jeremy Author • Edited on

I consider the basics the computers, network and internet essentials with computer science fundamentals.

Couldn't agree more.

Crashcourse has great intro to computer science videos. I do think we could teach programming without introducing computer science as yet. Pretty close to what the plan is for the videos though. Have you had a chance to check out the pluralsight videos?

I'd recommend watching the crash course videos after learning the 'programming' basics or vice versa.

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Adrian B.G.

I was talking about CrashCourse the youtube channel

I never used PluralSight because of their monetization model, and all my mentees so far could not afford something like that, so I try to find free resources.

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Allan N Jeremy Author

Ah, saw the Crash course channel computer science videos. Loved them

The intro to programming course is free though (on pluralsight)