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re: This may have already been answered pretty well, and I'm not sure a 5 year old will get this, but I'd like to have a go with some code snippets. S...

Streams are to Dart, what Events are to JavaScript.

This!! This right here clarified the streams concept. Thanks.

In the case of streaming each key in the code sample, where would you generally use the stream? Since in this case I assume the split() is similar to the js one, so it'd do that synchronously. The example does clarify the concept, I'm just curious as to what use cases there would be


Hey @allanjeremy , this stream has several applications. For example on the UI you could be simulating a text typing effect. See this DartPad for example.

Hey Jermaine, thanks for sharing. Managed to wrap my head around the concept through all the great responses

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