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Discussion on: What are your code smells and/or best practices with regular expressions?

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Allan N Jeremy • Edited on

'Inappropriate intimacy' for code smells ~ usually end up with functions/methods (that should belong in different classes) in the same class. This in turn leads to areas that shouldn't interact being tightly coupled. Often end up refactoring

Also, forgot the name of the code smell but ~ having code for a feature that you think will be there in future but isn't there yet. Makes it hard to debug after a long time away from the code. I bet most of you guys have this too?

As for regex, regex makes me cry. Still practicing. Curious as to what resources you guys used to learn/reference regex. I use RegExr for referencing and testing

Edit: Seen @Pawel's link to Regex101 ~ definitely going to be fiddling around with that more.