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Multi Warehouse Inventory: Magento 2 Extension by Amasty

all_lina1 profile image Alina Bragina ・1 min read

Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 allows managing inventory effortlessly among numerous warehouses and tracing through stock items on a store view level. With the module, you will manage to run a nice-to-have grid for all stock data of each warehouse at your disposal. Let customers select the closest warehouse using the smart algorithms.


  1. Distribute inventory effectively among different warehouses either from the Magento Stock grid or from a product page in the backend:edit a product quantity per each warehouse;track items running out of stock;automatically add returned items to the warehouse, etc.;
  2. Update/retrieve stock data using Magento SOAP API v1, v2, and Magento REST API;
  3. Arrange all the products in three stock levels:a total stock in a warehouse;a stock to be shipped;a stock available for sale;
  4. Isolate orders for products from different warehouses, assign warehouses to store views and customer groups, set custom shipping methods and rates;
  5. Use smart algorithms of warehouse selection: warehouse priority;location (the nearest warehouse);store view of a placed order; customer group a warehouse is allocated to;
  6. Import stock data manually or automatically through CSV/XML files; export the information through the Export History tab.

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