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Never limit your tech stack

To grow by leaps and bounds, you shouldn't limit yourself to a specific tech stack.

You need to choose one skill, master it, secure your job around it, and then start learning all relevant fields gradually.

Let's say you are currently working as a JavaScript developer, mainly on frontend projects, in your daily job. In your free time, you should be learning Node.js and building backend projects, and if your project needs a backend engineer, you can fill this role.

Similarly, if you have backend engineering experience, you can learn about data stacks, ML, and DevOps.

As you gradually start mastering hard tech skills along with soft ones, it will be easier for you to reach higher positions such as CTO, VP of Engineering, etc. because you will be a person who can get things done in any stack.

The people in higher tech positions are generalists rather than specialists in just one tech stack.

On the other hand, there are benefits to being a specialist in just one field, but those can't outperform the other one. It's often a personal choice and can offer amazing opportunities such as offering consultancies.

Thanks for reading.

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