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Django Vs flask vs firebase for table app database with ML!

i'm using react to create an app similar to excels or table where I can add formulas and recursive inputs, but I want to implement machine learning with them, should I learn Django or flask or juse firebase for that?

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I have been using Django for almost 10 years and I must say that it has the strongest ORM I've tried, especially its migration system and its deep integration with PostgreSQL (while still being compatible with other DB systems) is incredibly useful. The whole integrates perfectly well with DRF to build APIs very easily and quite durably.

I can't say that about Flask but I've never been too deep with it. It's probably a very decent option.

Firebase and any kind of SaaS should be avoided at all costs because the inevitable rule of SaaS is that they will fuck you up: raise the price, remove features you need, have outages out of your control, etc. It is especially dangerous to put your data in such a system and should only be done if you need this to work for 1 week and then you can discard it.