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Alimam Miya
Alimam Miya

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What Is Java?

In this tutorial, we will study What is Java and The features of java programming language and more.

Java, safe to say, is the most used programming language of this century. Probably, you can read this blog on this webpage because Java exists. It is the building block of almost all the modern IT applications we see around us these days. Perhaps the reason behind its popularity is its robust performance and comparatively easier to code programming language. Java is a multi-threaded secure language that helps the developer to create applications ranging from Banking to every sector you can probably think of or consider. Also, when it comes to processing a large pile of data, Java gets the job done with ease.

The write once, run anywhere programming language has come a long way since its inception under the development by Sun Micro systems. It is quite similar to C, but on the other hand, easier than it. Java also goes well when combined with Node JS, Android, spring in line to develop a large-scale application that is bound to perform.

Where Is Java Used?

The application of Java is widespread. As said earlier, almost all the IT applications we depend on today, in turn, depends on some great codes written on Java to function optimally.

Some of the most used application of Java are:

Development of Web Application: Java is the most go-to programming language when it comes to developing an ideal web application. So be it an eCommerce website or a streaming service platform you are looking to build, Java will surely come ideally helpful for you.

Development of Android Application: Almost most of us are already aware of the fact that most of the mobile applications we use these days are developed on Java; thus it is another place where the programming language prospers brightly.

Other Sectors: Apart from only application development with Java, recent times are also witnessing Data scientists using the programming language to analyze large data sets. Additionally, the development of many essential software tools greatly depends on Java.

Strengths of Java

  1. It comes for FREE; Java's greatest strength is that it comes for free to the developers.

  2. Java also comes with an open-source library giving developers the upper hand of better application creation.

  3. Java has an object-oriented approach that allows the developers to create new programs by simply reusing the codes.

  4. The learning curve of Java is also on the shorter side, making it much easier to debug, compile, and code with it.

  5. Java opens up the possibility for developers to access any API for their respective purposes.

  6. Java also has a wide variety of open-source development, giving developers more options to create.

Top Companies Using Java

Some of the top companies to implement Java for their development purposes are:

  1. GitHub

  2. Dzone

  3. Stack Overflow

  4. Leetcode

  5. Coursera

Top comments (9)

ivanjeremic profile image
Ivan Jeremic

Isn't JavaScript the most used programming language?

chadthundercock profile image
Chad Thundercock

One of

ivanjeremic profile image
Ivan Jeremic • Edited on

Pertty sure it is more used then Java

ender_minyard profile image
ender minyard

Java is a mistake.

afhamou profile image
Auwalu Hamza

Why do you say so?

alimammiya profile image
Alimam Miya Author

Witch is the best programming language?

adrianbudzynski profile image

Java was the best programming language. I really appreciate its input in the software world so far. I've been so long its fan, but Oracle missed the time for improvements. Java lives cause it is still widely used in the enterprise which is like an artificial money drip.

I still believe the last Oracle awakening is going to change that. For now, I think Kotlin is a future. It compiles to JVM, Native & JS so far so it targets not only JVM enthusiasts but also a wide range of different users.

Thread Thread
loiclefevre profile image

You may want to check what GraalVM has to offer here:

  • modern optimizations hence better performance
  • stronger security
  • native compilation
  • polyglot: runs Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Ruby, C, C++, Fortran... code all together in the very same memory space: no performance overhead, program in TypeScript, reuse a python library, call a Java function that uses C++ libraries...
  • embed the graalvm in other software (Oracle database...)
  • an open source and free community edition along an enterprise edition for even more optimizations... (this last one is free on Oracle Cloud btw)

check it:

pauljlucas profile image
Paul J. Lucas

Java is NOT the most-used language. It's also NOT the building block of modern IT applications. C was and remains king. Practically every piece of e-mail ever was and is handled by Sendmail or Postfix; many web pages are served by Apache; and the OS that's most-used in IT is Linux. All of these things are written in C.

Note that I am NOT saying which language is "better." I'm only disputing your claims about Java use.

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