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What is Cryptography?

What is cryptography
The word cryptography is derived from the Greek word Krypto meaning "Hidden / Secrets". Cryptography in simple words means "The Art of Protecting Data / Information".

Through this, we can convert our data into Unreadable Secret Codes, which we call Cipher Text. And the data can be read by the same user who has the secret key. That is, decrypt the data by a secret key, the decrypted data is called plain text. There are two processes Encryption and Decryption. It is used to protect data like- Credit / Debit Card Details and other important information. In encryption, data is converted from plain text to ciphertext and decryption encryption causes the reverse process. In this, Cipher Text is converted to plain text.

Types of Cryptography?

Cryptography is generally divided into two parts.

  1. Symmetric Cryptography
  2. Asymmetric Cryptography

Symmetric Cryptography

In this, the user has Keys Same in both Encryption and Decryption, meaning that data or information can be Encrypt and Decrypt using the same key.

Asymmetric Cryptography

In this, Keys are different in both Encryption and Decryption, meaning that the user uses the public key to encrypt the data and the user uses the private key to decrypt.

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