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Rails Resources for Beginners

aligoren profile image Ali GOREN twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

Hi everyone.

I decided to learn Rails to be a hobby. I never used Ruby and Rails before. I used Python with Django and Flask.

Currently, I'm using Python(Django and Flask), C#, PHP, JavaScript.

So, I need a good ruby and rails guides that I can learn step by step.

Ruby isn't a requirement for my job. I've many project ideas like a todo list, shopping list, blog etc.

I just need to learn it. I'm waiting for your contributions.

Based on this data, you can suggest good resources.


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Hi Ali!

I would go through the official Getting started with Rails tutorial and then switch to Hartl's Rails Tutorial online book (it is free)

The book is definitely step by step :-)



I started Rails Tutorial's book. I think really useful and easy to understand.


You can do anything you want with Python/Django knowledge. Consider learning more about them instead of learning a new language and framework.


I just want it for the hobby. Because I already use them. I'm looking for different things.

But yes you're right. Thanks, Batuhan. :)

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