I published a repo called searchfiy on GitHub

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Hi everyone!

I published a repository called searchify for a hobby. It is written in JavaScript.

Searchify generates searchable links (optionally anchor tags) for search engines or custom URLs. Maybe that would be useful for you.

I'm not sure if this will help someone. But I used searchify in my project with Vue.

Pull Requests are welcome. Thanks!

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A very simple searchable link generator.


A very simple searchable link generator.


You can use searchify with pre-defined search engines or custom.


  • google
  • yandex
  • yahoo
  • bing


You can configure URLs by options


Type: string|Array


Type: object

    'type': 'vendor', // vendor | custom
    'vendor': 'google', // this works when type is vendor
    'tld': '', // by default, each url will be generated with .com domain
    'qs': '', // query string endpoint for custom URLs
    'ssl': null, // by default, protocols will be https. true | false
    'createAnchor': false // output will be an anchor tag


searchify(keyword, options?)

Using Google

const keyword = 'Who is John Doe?'
const url = searchify(keyword, {
    'type': 'vendor',
    'vendor': 'google',

Using Yandex

const keyword = 'Who is John Doe?'
const url = searchify


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Nice idea! It would be nice if browsers allowed to query for the default search engine and could be hook up to this (dreaming is free)


It would be good. Is there a way to do this idea?

Thanks for your comment!


This is cool! I'm going to play around with this.


I'm so glad to here that 🕺


I made small pull request :D


I merged :) You're amazing. Thank you very much ^_^