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I Generated a License Generator Plugin for Git

aligoren profile image Ali GOREN ・1 min read

Hi. I generated a license generator plugin for Git. All contributions are welcome

You can find it on GitHub:


There are two ways to install this plugin

Manual Installation

git clone

cd git-license-generator

sudo mv git-licenses/* /usr/local/bin/
sudo mv git-generate-license /usr/local/bin/

Direct Installation

Just copy and paste this one-line command:

$ bash -c  "$(wget -qO-" 

Or, if you are a Mac user:

$ bash -c  "$(curl -sLo-"


Select license

git generate-license -s


Editor guide
juancarlospaco profile image
Juan Carlos

WTFPL and Unlicense are NOT FOSS, are proprietary, maybe a warning would be good.

BSD is not a v2 or v3, those are Clauses, 2 clauses or 3 clauses, etc.

There are more Clauses a BSD can have, theres like 50, from 0 to 3 is the most common.

Peer Production License is missing (PPL):

This looks very similar to Nim lang nimble init.