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4 ways to earn by writing or editing a Wikipedia page

Being a writer is not an easy task. You need to have the skills and expertise to establish yourself as a writer or editor. However, today, the market is becoming more crowded with writers and the industry is growing more competitive. It is difficult for writers and editors to find a suitable job because many writers are providing services at highly reasonable pricing ranges.

Becoming a writer doesn’t only mean to be able to develop skills and expertise as a writer. It is also essential to establish your name as a writer to find the required work. One may struggle to find a perfect genre of writing, but you need to explore the different styles of writing to develop your name in a particular genre.

In the market today, many businesses are taking advantage of Wikipedia marketing and hire Wikipedia editors or freelance writers to produce a credible page for their business. Wikipedia writers are one of the highest-paid writers as it requires extensive research and technicalities in writing a Wikipedia page which for any writer can be a hassle. Here is a brief guideline which can help you to become a professional at writing:

Create an authentic Wikipedia account

If you are an active contributor of Wikipedia, it is likely that you can publish your Wikipedia page without a hassle. Wikipedia can be very strict about upholding the legitimacy of the platform and may block any defective source or IP address.

Build a good track record:

Build a reputation on the platform for a hassle-free publication of your article. You can start by editing the information present on Wikipedia to be recognised as a credible contributor to information on the platform. Making contributions at the platform before creating a Wikipedia page can build credibility on the platform, and you can get hired to provide services of Wikipedia page creation.

Replicate the writing style

You need to make sure that your Wikipedia page abides by all the rules and strict guidelines of the platform. You must use easy vocabulary and tone of writing, so the information you incorporate in your article is understood by all.


Once you have your page published on the platform, you need to market it to get more projects which specialist in your field. You can take advantage of the social media page and make a video of the matters you have discussed on your page and give the link of your Wikipedia page in the description box.

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Rodion Gorkovenko

Well, I'm sorry, but "make sure that page abides by alll wikipedia rules" seems contrary to what this article suggests :)

Wikipedia is not for promotion and advertising. There seem to be nothing incorrect to write pages for fee, say, about animals etc - anything "encyclopedic" - but people usually offer money to write about their businesses, their public person etc. That is marginal and may also not meet notability criteria.

Though again if it is some well-known thing or person which lacks wikipedia page, this may be quite all right.

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