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A new tool for recon Office365 users

A few days ago, I created a tool called o365discover to reconnaissance Office 365 users for penetration testing. Using this tool, you can easily check whether a lot of users exist or not on Office 365. Off course, I know there are some similar and famous tools like o365creeper. However, most of these tools are slow because they does not support parallel execution. Therefore, I have implemented paralell execution by goroutine of golang. However, I'm not familiar with golang. Please feel free to advise me!

Next, It's time to explain how to use. However, the way to use is very simple. If the given username does not exist, this tool does not display any result. This tool displays only valid usernames.

$ o365discover -u
$ o365discover -u # nothing
$ o365discover -f emails.txt
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Finally, You can download the binary from this URL

Also you can install with go command.
go install

Please try it!


This tool is offered with no warranty and is to be used at your own risk and discretion.

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