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Public Courses on Cloud Native Technologies

truong profile image Truong ・1 min read

The term Cloud Native was originally used to describe the typical architectures and characteristics of cloud-based applications. With the evolution of containers, Kubernetes, Serverless and FaaS technologies, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defined Cloud-Native as a basic technology that makes applications more elastic, fault-tolerant, and observable. It can also make applications easier to write and orchestrate. This technology can enable developers to make the best use of cloud resources, products and delivery capabilities.
This course is jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and CNCF. The entire course is free of charge and requires no registration. We will provide you with:

A comprehensive knowledge system for you to build your own cloud-native skill set
An understanding of Cloud Native's essence and key ideas
An online testing for each chapter to verify your learning progress
Key best practices in Cloud Native from technical teams on the cutting edge of this technology

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