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Nuget Package Manager GUI For VSCode

I've developed an extension for Visual Studio Code that lets you easily update/remove/install packages from Nuget server for .NET Core/.Net5 projects.


  • An easy user interface
  • Handles workspaces with multiple .csproj or .fsproj files
  • Update all packages with one click
  • Remove a package from the projects
  • Search and install new packages from Nuget Server

How it works

  1. Open your project workspace in VSCode
  2. Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  3. Select > Nuget Package Manager GUI

Update a Package


You can override the following settings in the User or Workspace settings.json:

//The maximum duration for completing a request from this extension
"nugetpackagemanagergui.nuget.requestTimeout": 9000,

//The Nuget endpoint address for getting package versions
"nugetpackagemanagergui.nuget.packageVersionsUrl": "",    

//The Nuget endpoint address for searching packages
"nugetpackagemanagergui.nuget.searchPackage.url": "",

//true or false determining whether to include pre-release packages in the result of the search
"nugetpackagemanagergui.nuget.searchPackage.preRelease": false,

//The number of packages to return in the search result
"nugetpackagemanagergui.nuget.searchPackage.defaultTak":  10        

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