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DevOps, Jenkins DSL job simplified

Ali Alp
“Take it easy” is nonsense , take it as hard as you can and don’t let it go :)
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In Short

The Jenkins DSL job is a job which will create another job(s)/pipeline(s)/etc but why create a job to create a job you may ask well, in this way your desired job will be stored as a script in a version control repository therefore you have the ability to version it and have a history of its changes, which was the motivation behind the creation of the DSL jobs in order to achieve configuration as code in Jenkins.

all you need is located in github at alicommit-malp/jenkins_dsl_example


  • install Jenkins
  • install job-dsl-plugin , how?
  • create a script in groovy language like this
  • place it in any version control repository, how?
  • create a Freestyle project in Jenkins called Seed_JOB
  • feed the created job with the location of the script in the repository
  • build the Seed_JOB, Jenkins will run your script when you build it

and your your DSL generated job(s)/pipeline(s)/etc are ready to be built.

In Detail

After the installation of the Jenkins on your system or running it in your docker daemon got the following link (supposing that you have installed Jenkins with its default port)

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Here you can create a Seed job, which is basically the job which is going to fetch the script for the actual job in a given version control repository

Jenkins new Seed job

then you need to specify the source control technology which you are using plus the link to your repository and if your repository is not public your credentials as well

DSL job source control management

afterwards, and supposing that you have installed the job-dsl-plugin

DSL plugin selection in Jenkins

you will provide the build step with relative path to the script which is going to generate your job(s)/pipeline(s)/etc

pipeline {
    agent any

    stages {
        stage('cloning repo ... ') {
            steps {
                git ''

                docker { 
                    image 'python:2' 
                    reuseNode true
                sh "pip install -r $WORKSPACE/python/requirements.txt"
                sh "python $WORKSPACE/python/"

            echo "Cool :)"
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Build step Jenkins DSL job

save the job, and build it, and then if you visit the Jenkins dashboard you will see that there is a job which has been added programmatically to the list of the jobs

Jenkins dashboard show all jobs

Build the created job

There you have it, a simple tutorial to Jenkins DSL jobs.
Happy coding :)

all you need is located in github at alicommit-malp/jenkins_dsl_example

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