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Journey to Machine Learning (Day 001)

aliakberaakash profile image Ali Akber ・2 min read

So this is my first post as I just started my journey to machine learning. Its more like a journal, I'll try to write one post everyday. So, lets get started.

A little bit about my programming background
I'm a computer science student, final year. I have been learning programming for about 4 years. I do a bit of problem solving. I have been learning android since 2018 and I published two apps in google playstore. I'm currently working as a flutter developer in a small company with very little pay :p

Why machine learning?
I've always been interested in AI since childhood, though I didn't quite understand what it was. I wanted to learn it in the first year of college, but there aren't many jobs with machine learning in my country. So, I had to learn a development platform first (Android) to get a job as soon as I graduate. It's not that I don't like Android, I love it. But I also wanna do something amazing rather than making commercial applications. Mixing machine learning and my development skills I might be able to achieve that!

My progress till now
Though this is the first post, it's been 6 days since I started learning python. So far so good. I have been solving leetcode problems with python (which is also to prepare for a good job).

I subscribed to Data Camp's student package, which is 3 months of premium subscription free for students, and started a python course. I've moved onto NumPy today on Data Camp. I plan to finish this course by 10th June and take part in an assessment to check my skills.

After that I'm gonna shift to machine learning specific track. I have 3 months of subscription only and gotta take what I can in this three months :p

I guess that's it for today. I'll try to write one post everyday. Follow me to get updates of a struggling developer :p

Thanks for reading this! <3

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