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Quick, Shareable UIs for Machine Learning

aliabd profile image Ali Abdalla ・1 min read

I started getting into ML in 2019, and I've constantly been frustrated at how terrible accessibility is. It can take so long to set up all the dependencies and debug the code just to run inference. I'm often surprised at how really popular models and repos still don't have any interfaces that just let you try out the model..

So me and a few friends built an open source python library that makes it easy to wrap a model (or any function) with a GUI so that anyone, anywhere can use it (while its running on your laptop!). Here's an interface you can create in just one line of extra code.

Alt Text

Check it out on Github or our website: gradio.app

This is my first Python library, so would absolutely love some feedback! :)


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It's a really interesting and useful Tool(python library). Just loved your documentation on the site which is quite easy to follow.